An Alaska Back Country Adventure

Let us embark on an Alaskan adventure! Starting from Anchorage, Alaska at Turnagain Arm, a famous waterway, we head to Anchorage’s Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Then, we take a train from Anchorage and head north to Denali National Park and Preserve. Within that Park is Mount Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley, which at 20,310 … Continue reading An Alaska Back Country Adventure

FAQ on the “Ho’okuleana Design” ©2016, 2017

As the Ala Wai problem becomes worse over time, we increasingly are forced to connect issues such as invasive species, flooding, and rising seas, together. Then we develop an interconnected solution. All other solutions do not take into reality the existing development, the reality that Albizia trees do not absorb much water, and the reality that … Continue reading FAQ on the “Ho’okuleana Design” ©2016, 2017

Wild Mustangs, OUTER BANKS, North Carolina

First published July 16, 2017 Updated April 24, 2020 As part of a conservation program that started in 2001, wild mustangs--“North America’s first true horse”-- exist on the East Coast of the United States: evidence as early as the 1500s of what the Spanish colonists left behind in North America. An excellent example of … Continue reading Wild Mustangs, OUTER BANKS, North Carolina

The Former “Director of Public Outreach” of a DC based Train Organization Proposes a “Heiau” in Waikiki

Updated April 8, 2020 Above. Ho’okuleana Design ©2016, 2017   Ala Wai Watershed Special Resource Study Report, February 15, 2017 Click the above link to read the full PDF documentwhich contains the impetus for the Ho’okuleana Design ©2016, 2017 Frequently Asked Questions In your design, you put a "heiau,” or an ancient Hawaiian place … Continue reading The Former “Director of Public Outreach” of a DC based Train Organization Proposes a “Heiau” in Waikiki