Tropical Kingbird: The Bird That Wants to Entertain

Above. This “yellow bird” looks like it wears a black mask.
Above. You can even see a black stripe from behind the bird.

With a yellow underbelly and forked tail, this “yellow bird” looks like it wears a black mask–a black stripe that you can even see from behind the bird.

Certainly compared to the songbird version of a blackbird, these “yellow birds” are quiet, as the blackbirds drown out the more silent birds. At first, one may not notice the yellow birds’ presence, but when they make a sound, they sound like a rubber ducky being squeezed as they spit out two to seven dart-like sounds, and then they stop for ten minutes.

The yellow bird can be heard mostly during the early morning. Seen solo or in twos, they hover in midair for seconds, dive quickly down, almost as if they want to entertain and impress.

Above. They can be seen perching on wires.
Above. In the foreground is the yellow bird, while the white-throated Magpie-Jay (Calocitta Formosa) is in the background.

Video by Jederson Schwanz


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