Revenge of the Jungle Ants

In the open-air tropics, we are urged not to eat in our rooms. Because if any morsel of sugar remains, the ants arrive shortly after that. Or if it is too late and you have ants, gently lure them away. If you disobey, the following is what happens.

One day, I had an empty bag that formerly contained salted cashews. The bag had some sugars in it as I left it in the shower to wash out later. Then, the next morning, there were fifty large ants on my cleaning sponge near the bag and on the bag itself.

I attempted to remove the ants: I turned on the shower and sprayed water on the sponge and washed the ants down the drain.  While in the quick process of the attempted extermination, two ants bit me and gave me a swelling, which lasted for days. 

I feel bad because I should not have washed the ants down the drain so abruptly. The two large black ants that bit me let me know! I should have thrown a little water on the bag and sponge and let the ants slowly decide for themselves to walk away from my empty bag.

Some other strange thing bit me and gave me a skin discoloration which should go away in a week. I do not know what it was, but it had a claw for a mouth.

Hopefully, not everything bites me here in the wild tropics. I had a more pleasant encounter with “the bird from heaven!”  See Chapter 4: The Bird from Heaven!


  1. This Side of the Hemisphere: Easy Access to Wildlife
  2. Saved by a Tin Bag
  3. Revenge of the Jungle Ants
  4. The Bird from Heaven
  5. The “Research” Center
  6. TBD
  7. What A Cow Would Do That a Sane Person Would Not Do
  8. What Stands Around A Lot and Is Ready to Strike?
  9. Wild Horses that Try to Mind Their Own Business
  10. Birds Take Turns to Pick Up Food
  11. TBD
  12. The Dizzying Calls of This “Concert” Bird
  13. The Birds That Keep Their Distance
  14. TBD
  15. TBD

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