Wild Mustangs, OUTER BANKS, North Carolina

First published July 16, 2017
Updated April 24, 2020

As part of a conservation program that started in 2001, wild mustangs–“North America’s first true horse”– exist on the East Coast of the United States: evidence as early as the 1500s of what the Spanish colonists left behind in North America.

An excellent example of how wildlife, wildlife refuges, and humans, as in residential development, can co-exist, the conservation program–the Corolla Wild Horse Fund–continues today, and the wild mustangs roam between the 700 houses or residences and the dunes.

Without elaborating on the general difference of wildlife or wild animals versus captive or domesticated animals, the opposite situation of wild mustangs would be trained mustangs where they would be groomed and fed and housed by humans.

Instead, at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, the wild horses remain wild as humans are not encouraged to make direct contact nor feed the horses. At the southern end of the wild horse refuge, there is a gate that stops the mustangs from roaming outside of the refuge to go more south, for example, towards Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

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