What Westerners Know Little About Regarding Chi Kung

I remember hearing about Chi Kung back in 2003. My first reaction was, “That’s what old Chinese people do.”

Now that I’m getting older and practicing Chi Kung myself, I know why I picked up the practice now and not nine years ago. It took me a long time to try out all different physical fitness regimens and then come to my conclusion about which physical fitness practice suits best for me.

For example, I swim, jog and play tennis. Each of these activities took me a year to learn and then to discover whether I liked them. I have tried almost every physical fitness activity that I wished.

Perhaps the most startling part of Chi Kung is that it generates energy, unlike the other physical fitness activities that use up energy. ‘The Way of Energy’ by Master Lam Kam Cheun mentions in his book this energy generating Chi Kung. I realized it the first time when I did the “Holding the Balloon” which is the second position of Chi Kung.

When the weather is cold, my feet would always get cold, and I used to call that poor circulation. I have also heard other women complain about their cold feet. But the first time I did the second position, the core of my body felt warmer than usual. Also, my feet didn’t have that uncomfortable cold feeling.

Earlier my feet used to get cold in the cold weather, and I used to wear socks like most people. However, after taking up the Chi Kung practice, I can feel the difference physically. It takes only 20 minutes a day but the time spent is completely worth it to have adequate energy to enjoy the whole day. And that’s priceless!

Emy Louie was born in Hong Kong, was raised in Hawai’i and is fluent in Cantonese.  Her parents were born in Guangzhou, China. They relocated to Hong Kong during the 1950’s, and then to Hawai’i in the early 1970’s.  Emy has made a few visits to Hong Kong since she left.


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